Publications and Working Papers

Published Articles and Book Chapters

7. Jessica Soedirgo and Aarie Glas (forthcoming) “Active Reflexivity: Positionality and Practice in the Production of Knowledge.” PS: Political Science and Politics. PDF.

6. Aarie Glas and David Zarnett (forthcoming), “Regional Organizations” in Fen Osler Hampson, Alp Ozerdem, and Jonathan Kent (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Peace, Security and DevelopmentPDF.

5. Aarie Glas and Jessica Soedirgo (2018), “A Posture of Active Reflexivity: Learning from Lee Ann Fujii’s Approach to Research.” Qualitative & Multi-Method Research 16(1): pp. 53-55. PDF.

4. Aarie Glas (2018), “African Union Security Culture in Practice: African Problems and African Solutions.” International Affairs 94(5): pp. 1121-1138. PDF.

3. Aarie Glas, Clifton van der Linden, Matthew Hoffmann, and Robert Denemark (2018), “Understanding Multilateral Treaty-Making as Constitutive Practice.” Journal of Global Security Studies 3(3): pp. 339-357. PDF.

2. Aarie Glas (2017), “Habits of Peace: Long-Term Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia.” European Journal of International Relations 23(4): pp. 833-856. PDF.

1. Aarie Glas and John Kirton (2012), “Global Governance from America, Canada and the Responsible Rest” in Sean Clark and Sabrina Hoque (eds.). Debating a Post-American World: What Lies Ahead. London: Routledge, pp. 221-225. PDF.

Revise and Resubmit

Aarie Glas and Emmanuel Balogun, “People-Centric Governance in Regional Communities: Practice and Norm Adoption in ASEAN and ECOWAS.” International Affairs. Revise and Resubmit, October 28, 2019. PDF.

Book Manuscript

Practices of Peace: Conflict Management in Southeast Asia and South America. Book manuscript in preparation. Prospectus available here: PDF.

Working Papers 

“Power, Positionality, and Positions of Power: Reflexivity in Elite Interviewing.” In preparation. PDF.

“Debunking the ‘ASEAN Way’: The Contested Meaning-Making of Diplomatic Norms in Southeast Asia.” With Stéphanie Martel. In preparation. PDF.

Inside and Outside the ASEAN Way: Stigma and Practice in Southeast Asia.” In preparation. PDF.


“Conceptual Incapacities? ASEAN Perspectives and Practice in the South China Sea.” In the early stages of preparation.

“Norms, Practices, and Global Governance: Non-Interference and the Evolution of Conflict Management Practices.” With Marion Laurence. In the early stages of preparation.