Working Papers

This page outlines my not yet published research. PDF copies of pieces under review are provided below. For copies of my published research, please see my Research page. For copies of articles not yet under review, please contact me and I will share – however rough they remain!

Book Manuscript

Practicing Peace: Conflict Management in Southeast Asia and South America.

  • Manuscript under review with Oxford University Press (since January 2020). External reader reviews have been delayed as a result of the myriad challenges of the pandemic. The publishing prospectus is available here: PDF

Revise and Resubmit

Aarie Glas, “Power, Positionality, and Positions of Power: Reflexivity in Elite Interviewing.” PS: Political Science and Politics. Revise and Resubmit (“minor revisions”). Resubmitted September 2020. PDF.

Under Review

Stéphanie Martel and Aarie Glas, “The Contested Meaning-Making of Diplomatic Norms: Competence in Practice in Southeast Asian Multilateralism.” Under review. PDF.

  • An early version of this article won two awards at ISA Asia-Pacific (2019): “Best Paper” and “Best New Scholar.”

Aarie Glas and Marion Laurence, “Norms, Practices, and Global Governance: Non-Interference and the Evolution of Conflict Management Practices.” Under review. PDF.

In Progress

“‘This is not 1967’: Stigma and change in ASEAN’s normative order.”

  • Article in progress. To be presented at OCIS in December 2020 and proposed for ISA 2021.

“Diplomacy in the ASEAN.” Oxford Bibliographies in International Relations.

  • Invited contribution in progress. Due February 1, 2021.

“The Role of Identity and Contestation in Norm Change.” With Alesha Porisky & Emily M. K. Scott.

  • Article in progress. To be submitted for review in February 2021.

“Insiders, Outsiders, and Credible Visitors in Elite Interviewing.” With Alesha Porisky.

  • Article in progress. To be submitted for APSA 2021.

“Norms, Practices, and Social Change in International Politics.” With Marion Laurence & Steven Bernstein.

  • Article in early planning stages. Proposed for ISA 2021.