I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, Faculty Associate in the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and member of the Qualitative Inquiry Collaborative at Northern Illinois University. I hold a PhD in Political Science (International Relations & Comparative Politics) from the University of Toronto. I have also studied at the LSE (MSc, International Relations) and McMaster University (BA, Combined Honours, History & Political Science). You can find my current C.V. here.


My research focuses on international security in the Global South, international relations theory, and qualitative research methods. At the broadest level, I am interested in how different groups of people – diplomats, organizational officials, and others. – understand and respond to conflict. I have a regional specialization in Southeast Asia, and I am particularly interested in how officials working within ASEAN define and manage regional conflict and crises.

My research has been published in the European Journal of International RelationsJournal of Global Security Studies, International Affairs, and the Routledge Security and Governance series.

I am currently working on a book manuscript entitled, Habits of Peace: Conflict Management Practices in Southeast Asia and South America. This project explores why similar communities of diplomatic officials respond to similar territorial conflicts in radically different ways. I argue that taken-for-granted conflict management practices explain why many regions in the Global South experience institutionalized community-building alongside sustained levels of inter-state militarized violence.

I am also involved in a number of on-going and collaborative projects that center on issues of comparative regionalism and conflict management in the Global South, global governance and multilateral treaty-making, and qualitative and interpretive research methods. These projects are detailed on my research page.

When not researching, writing, teaching, or attempting to secure funding to make possible the first two, I enjoy drinking too much coffee, cycling, and hiking along with any dogs my family, friends, and colleagues will lend me.

This website provides the details of my research and teaching, offers a few external links, and hosts a copy of my C.V. The photos on this site are my own, taken during fieldwork at a number of regional organizations that I’ve spent time at.


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