External Links

A Few Places to Find IR on the Web, in no particular order*

Theory Talks offers a theory-focused (unsurprisingly) series of interviews with leading IR scholars. Well worth a day procrastinating!

The Monkey Cage is a Washington Post-hosted and very active blog exploring a huge breadth of Political Science issues, including and beyond IR.

E-International Relations hosts many articles and interviews focused on core IR issues and theory. It is a fantastic, and open-access, resource for students.

Duck of Minerva is a wide-ranging IR blog established by Dan Nexon, Rodger Payne, and Patrick Thaddeus Jackson.

Dartthrowingchimp is a largely (intra-state) security-related blog from Jay Ulfelder. Although it only exists as an archive of his posts at this point, it still worth perusing.

Foreign Affairs is a very accessible semi-scholarly journal covering a host of IR issues.

Daniel Drezner regularly offers his thoughts on a host of security-related issues at the Washington Post.

Reddit is great. And for more than just cats, gifs and cat-filled gifs! More than occasionally this IR sub-reddit provides some interesting links and discussion that are worth a look.

Asia Unbound is a Council on Foreign Relations blog concerned with all things Asian-politics, including security issues.

The Diplomat is another wide-ranging resource for online insight into the wider Asia-Pacific region, with some excellent commentary regarding politics in and of Southeast Asia.

IMM, or the Interpretive Methodologies and Methods group, is a great working group of scholars loosely associated with the American Political Science Association (APSA) that hosts information and events related to interpretive methods. I help coordinate some of the activities of the group, so there is some of my bias laid bare!

*Note: these are not necessarily suggested here as reference material for student papers. Please chat with me if you’re a student of mine interested in that sort of thing.

Research and Writing Links for Students

The Chicago Manual of Style is a useful resource for Chicago style citations. The “Author-Date” tab on the linked page provides a useful guide for student essays in my courses, and offers a host of examples. Another option is APA style, and you can find some useful information and instructions here.

The University of Toronto Library Services also offers a useful guide to citation practices more generally. Students may wish to review their note (and further links) regarding plagiarism as well.


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