External Links

A Few Places to Find IR on the Web, in no particular order*

Theory Talks offers a theory-focused (unsurprisingly!) series of interviews with leading IR scholars. Well worth a day procrastinating!

The Monkey Cage is a Washington Post-hosted and very active blog exploring a huge breadth of Political Science issues, including and beyond IR.

E-International Relations hosts many articles and interviews focused on core IR issues and theory. It is a fantastic, and open-access, resource for students.

Duck of Minerva is a wide-ranging IR blog established by Dan Nexon, Rodger Payne, and Patrick Thaddeus Jackson.

International Affairs Blog is, perhaps needless to say, the blog for the journal, International Affairs. The blog has some great posts to explore IR and abridged accounts of recent IA articles. Here is a link to my own, exploring governance practices within the African Union.

Foreign Affairs is a very accessible semi-scholarly journal covering a host of issues in IR and beyond.

Daniel Drezner regularly offers his thoughts on a host of security-related issues at the Washington Post.

Reddit is great. And for more than just cats, gifs and cat-filled gifs! More than occasionally this IR sub-reddit provides some interesting links and discussion that are worth a look.

Asia Unbound is a Council on Foreign Relations blog concerned with all things Asian-politics, including security issues.

The Diplomat is another wide-ranging resource for online insight into the wider Asia-Pacific region, with some excellent commentary regarding politics in and of Southeast Asia.

IMM, or the Interpretive Methodologies and Methods group, is a great working group of scholars associated with the American Political Science Association (APSA). This page hosts information and events related to interpretive methods, including resources for students and syllabi. I coordinate the online activities of the group and manage the webpage, so if there is a problem with the site it’s my fault!

*Note: these are not necessarily suggested here as reference material for student papers. Please chat with me if you’re a student of mine interested in that sort of thing.

Research and Writing Links for Students

The Chicago Manual of Style is a useful resource for Chicago style citations. The “Author-Date” tab on the linked page provides a useful guide for student essays in my courses, and offers a host of examples. Another option is APA style, and you can find some useful information and instructions here.

The University of Toronto Library Services also offers a useful guide to citation practices more generally. Students may wish to review their note (and further links) regarding plagiarism as well.

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