My teaching interests center on the rather expansive topics of international relations (IR) and IR theory, international security and governance, and qualitative research methods.

Current Course Offerings

In the Spring 2020 term, I am teaching:

Introduction to International Relations (POLS285);
International Organizations and Law (POLS682, Graduate Seminar)

Details of my current course offerings (including syllabi) are available through the NIU Department of Political Science course webpage here.  If a syllabus is missing there, please email and I will share one! Additional course information, previous syllabi, and course evaluations are all available upon request.

Previous Teaching Experience

My previous teaching experience at NIU and Toronto* includes:

International Organizations (POLS686, Graduate Seminar), Spring 2018
Qualitative Methods (POLS645, Graduate Seminar), Fall 2017
Theories of International Relations (POLS680, Graduate Seminar), Fall 2019

Introduction to International Relations (POLS285), Spring 2017, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019
Regional Security (POLS381), Fall 2018
Contemporary Foreign Policy (POLS384), Spring 2019
Introduction to International Relations (POLB80)*, Summer 2016

While a doctoral student at the University of Toronto I worked as Head Teaching Assistant or Teaching Assistant for 25 courses. The topics of these courses include: IR theory, international security, critical security studies, comparative politics, US foreign policy, comparative foreign policy, international political economy, environmental governance and climate change, and both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

In 2015 I received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto Mississauga after three previous nominations.

Student Supervision

If you are an NIU student (or student from elsewhere) looking for supervision or a committee member, let’s meet! Please email or stop by my office (Zulauf Hall Rm. 412). I am always open to working with students at both the graduate (MA and PhD) and undergraduate level.

In particular, I am interested in supervising research projects related to:

international organizations, particularly in the Global South
foreign policy and diplomacy (US and elsewhere)
international security and governance

I am especially interested in research that engages with social international relations theory and/or qualitative research methods.

However, I am interested in and available to work on many other topics as well. Recent topics I have supervised include: US hegemony, United Nations diplomacy, the politics of land tenure policies in Cambodia, European political party systems, and the resilience of authoritarian regimes in Southeast and East Asia, among many others.



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